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Temporary Motor Insurance Explained

Temporary vehicle insurance is a convenient and fully comprehensive package that allows car owners to enjoy a virtually instant cover although for shorter periods of time, often between 1-28 days.

Whether subscribed to separately or together with an annual policy, a temp motor insurance applies in so many situations. For instance, the owner of a newly acquired car may desire to drive the car right away and shop around for a reasonable quote to compare one month deals. Similarly, weekend car insurance could be taken for either 2 or 3 days for the courtesy car while the main vehicle is undergoing repairs. It additionally applies in situations where a prospective car buyer decides to take a car for a test drive, when a van is borrowed for use in the weekend or when contemplating adding a foreign visitor or a family member to an already existing cover.

Furthermore, short term cover may also be used for insuring a family member or friend on a separate vehicle for either one or two weeks. Consequently, it is classified as a separate cover which is beneficial for safeguarding against risk of loss associated with No-Claims Bonus which could possibly develop on the main annual policy. Purchasing a temp cover for a student planning on taking Easter, summer or Christmas break from University is yet another good example where the insurance plan would make so much sense. Since majority of the urban based students rarely drive while in session, the cost of acquiring an annual car insurance plan is not a sensible or cost-effective decision.

Doing an online search for insurance providers offering 1 month car insurance plans is often the most preferred way of identifying reasonable quotes as quickly as possible from many people. Most vans and cars with a value of over £500 are all eligible for such a cover. Age may present some challenges since some insurance providers may not be willing to give cover for drivers who fall under the age of 21 including those over the age of 75 years. Despite this, temp plans for people aged between 18 and 19 or above could possibly be provided by some companies; but a driver may be restricted particularly if he or she has had a driving license for six months or a year. Certain restrictions may additionally apply in situations where a car has undergone various modifications or purchased from Europe. An automobile used for commercial purposes or an application made by a driver who has got penalty points are other additional situations that may necessitate restrictions from providers.

Special temp policies may be provided for seventeen year olds still mastering the skill of driving. In such a scenario, the individual may be deemed eligible for a temp cover on a separate family member’s vehicle while safeguarding the No-Claims Discount attached to the primary policy holder.