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My inspiration nest

A home is so very important. I am such a home-unit, and love to nest. Here is a little peek inside where I spend lots of my days. In Winter, I love sitting on the couch with a pot of chai and reading and in Summer with all the windows open I burn incense and have bright bunches of flowers.

I also shot the look book for my creations, Cleopatra’s Bling in the apartment.

Vintage Indian print- from antique store in Pondicherry, India.

Print from the Sarah and Bendrix Etsy store.

Cacti, crystals and Ganesh statue from India.



DSC_0001 2
Ganesh from India, print from the Sarah and Bendrix Etsy store.

DSC_0003 2
Frame wall (a work in progress). Textiles from all over the place- India, Paris, Australia, Ikea.

DSC_0003 3

DSC_0004 2
Native American dream-catcher.

DSC_0005 2
Cosy couch.

DSC_0006 2
Leather and embroidery slippers from India.



Nothing better than a big bed to rest up in after a long day.



Coffee table reading.
DSC_0001 3

A large collection of teas.
DSC_0011 copy

My little kitchen.

DSC_0019 2

Positive vibes for the bedroom.
DSC_0020 2


Christmas and Cleopatra’s Bling

It’s been so busy here. Why at the end of every year does everything get so hectic? I don’t know why people think that the world ends every Christmas, it should be about having fun!

I absolutely adore wrapping presents. It’s something that I look forward to. I get very elaborate… rose petals, cinnamon sticks, dried Autumn leaves, handmade cards. I have been wrapping orders today from my boutique Cleopatra’s Bling. Then I send them off to loved ones and everybody is happy. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t enjoy receiving a present in the mail, do you?

Cleopatra's Bling Cluster Rings

Cleopatra’s Bling Cluster Rings

Cleopatra's Bling Cluster Rings

Cleopatra’s Bling Cluster Rings

Cleopatra's Bling Cluster Rings

Cleopatra’s Bling Cluster Rings

Cleopatra's Bling Christmas Wrapping

Cleopatra’s Bling Christmas Wrapping

To see the whole collection, like my facebook page and check out the album Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon. It’s so dreamy.

For orders processed before Sunday evening Paris time you get 50% off shipping worldwide! Don’t miss out.

In other news, we go to India next Tuesday- cannot wait to start updating you from there. I cannot begin to express my excitement.



Roses, Petals and Elephants on a Holiday

Flowers make me so happy. And I always put petals in cards and presents when I am giving somebody a gift. Seem ridiculous? Yes, but I live for that kind of small detail.

I am drying petals to make cards for Christmas.

The pink rose matched my coca cola bottle vase so perfectly- I just had to!

And I cannot forget Ganesh who needed a bit of cheering up on this cold, dark Winters day in Paris.

How did you spend your day?

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Vintage Champagne Flutes

Last week at the puces de Saint Ouen just outside of Paris, we discovered the wonderful vintage stands selling things that date back to the 20′s and before! I got these charming champagne flutes that I lusted after.
What do you think?

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Sunday BBQ in the ‘burbs of Paris

What a lovely Sunday lunch we had last Sunday with J and his family. The garden is in full bloom and after the weeks of rain all the plants were very lush and happy looking.

These redcurrants are grown in their garden.

Can never go without the cheese. Cheese platters are so photogenic.

J’s Dad put so much time into building and cultivating this pond.

BBQ time!

Summer is going to be full of lazy Sunday afternoons.

Enfin, c’est vendredi!

J’adore les semaine ou tout se passe bien. On a eu de la chance d’être invité à Montargis le weekend prochain pour deux nuits. On ira dans une petite maison charmante.

Envie d’en voir plus?

Merci à Meg pour cette photo.

Samedi dernier nous avons fait un brunch. Chez nous, on est super fan.

Et bien sûr, le dimanche on a mangé des cupcakes…

J’ai enfin sorti mes super tasses Limoges…

Chez nous c’est bien cosy!

Ma chère copine m’a offert des sunflowers!

Mercredi soir nous avons invité des amis à la maison pour fêter leur fiançailles. C’est un couple adorable, le couple parfait. J’ai fait un banana cake! Miam.

Il ne faut jamais oublier le champagne pour un évènement pareil!

Le gâteau décoré!

Vous cherchez des accessoires gourmands pour vos inspirations festives? Bleekcup’s est une boutique en ligne qui vous propose des accessoires gourmands pour vos inspirations festives. Enfin, j’ai trouvé un magasin qui me propose tout ce qu’il me faut pour faire des jolis cupcakes, avec des décorations comestibles! C’est des quatre coins du monde que Bleekcup’s importe ses produits astucieux, jolis et ludiques qui vous accompagneront dans la décoration de vos gâteaux ou autres pâtisseries et dans la réalisation de vos évènements en tout genre.

Vous avez un anniversaire bientôt? Faite votre commande, vous n’allez pas le regretter!

Je viens d’acheter ce sac.

On a parlé d’Oh la la livia ici.

Bref, c’était une super semaine!

Thank God it’s Friday!

A summary in photos of my past week… HAPPY FRIDAY!

Fresh mango

A latté in the morning sun.

My new gorgeous cotton quilt from Habitat.

My little flower pots.

Beers in the sunshine.

Tonight, Meg, J and I are going for cocktails at Mama Shelter. Cannot wait! What a way to begin the weekend.

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The power of Ganesha

I’m quite a Ganesha fan. Actually, I am a huge fan. He is just so classy. As I wrote in this post, Ganesha is the remover of obstacles.

I got this hand made Ganesha keyring in Pondicherry. I can now carry him around with me everywhere.

The Ganesha statue comes from India too, J bought it for me and we lugged it home because I knew he needed a home with us in Paris.


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Sneak preview: Newly renovated apartment in Paris!

After 8 months of smashing, breaking walls, cementing, carrying, rebuilding, painting, hammering, sleeping in sleeping bags, eating pizza (Can’t look at pizza for a while), spending 6 hours per Sunday in Ikea and Leroy Merlin, trucking rubbish to the tip, and oh-so-much more, we are nearly there! Wonderful J is such a handyman! Here are a few pictures before I do a full post with before and after shots.

I am so excited! Our new home is finally finished!


In Amsterdam the water is the mistress and the land the vassal

Amsterdam, one of my true loves. I just adore this precious little city.

J and I have been 3 times now, and each time fallen more in love with this place. It feels a lot more friendly than Paris and still has a small town feeling despite being a capital city. Amsterdam is a sassy mix of charm and crass. No other city does it like Amsterdam. Children pedal to school as if in a small town and pairs of police add no stress to the laid-back scene. Tourists crawl out of the station, keen to explore.

We spent a night in Den Haag and Leiden because we have friends there. The photo below is of J in Den Haag.

We enjoyed a leisurely walk in the forest in Den Haag. It’s easy to forget how good this makes you feel.

I came across this little guy in the forest, hand-carved and everything.

Back to our roots in the forest!

Another creature

The King!

Shabby chic bike, the best colour!

Going to Amsterdam has made me really interested in the history of this place. Did you know that in the 16th century, the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam was a fortified marina of 30,000 people, mostly merchants, who welcomed ships loaded with material delights from every corner of the trading world? I know that Dutch trading was big, but not to that extent. They’d enter the town from where the train station stands today, parading like pirates with plunder to the commercial altar of the town — the customs and weigh house next to the City Hall on Dam Square, where they docked and unloaded.

The little houses are just divine! Even this shop, which sells an incredible range of condoms in all shapes and sizes, is cute and somewhat classy.

Dutch cheese, the French would argue that it tastes like cheese, but I think it’s nice. I particularly like the presentation. This shop in the main shopping street really caught my eye. It was like the Apple shop of cheese. So organised!

J and I then strolled through Amsterdam, miraculously the sun had come out, to find our rumbling tummies something to eat.

What I find incredible, is that all the houses are different. If you look at a block of houses, they are all varied.

J and mini door.

We found food! Herengracht gave us just what we were after. Herengracht is actually one of the names of the three main canals.

We were seated right next to the canal so we watched the boats glide by.

Orange? It’s the national colour, and the whole city would transform into an orange sea in the next 24 hours for Queen’s Day, their biggest party of the year.

Rocking my Karen Walker’s, love those sunnies!

J too happy to be tucking into his meal.

Eggs Benedict, my fav!

Does anybody know the name of these trees? They are so delightful to look at. Twisted and old looking like an old lady’s hand.

Orange for Queen’s Day.

The beginning of the party.

Visiting the apartment that we celebrated the day in changed my life. It was one of the most incredible apartments that I have ever seen. It looked right over the canal but in a quiet area and everything in this apartment appealed to me.

This is what this magic apartment looks out over, not bad huh?

So what is Queen’s Day all about?It is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Celebrated on 30 April (the 29th if the 30th falls on a Sunday), Koninginnedag (name in Dutch) is Queen’s Beatrix’s official celebration day. Though Queen Beatrix was born on 31 January, the holiday is observed on 30 April as it was the birthday of her mother and predecessor, Juliana. Many of the traditional activities are held outside, and observing the holiday in April makes suitable weather more likely. We were so lucky!!

Feeling the spirit!

Our good friend with crazy glasses, J and I looking somewhat silly!

Amsterdam’s charm — a fun mix of modern and faded elegance — is best enjoyed on foot (ideally with French fries). Take it all in and then pause to watch the sunset, as the Golden Age is reflected in a quiet canal. Just brilliant!