So Why Pomegranite?

This fruit has held legendary powers for countless centuries. I have always loved this fruit but fell even more head over heels in Istanbul where you can get it freshly squeezed on the streets. Click here to see more about this.

Here is why you should get into pomegranites more often:

They are full of antioxidants:

They act as defense mechanisms which fight the harmful effects of free radicals on your body. Free radicals are substances which occur due to exposure to pollutants such as smog and cigarette smoke or as a by-product of the digestive process.  They can cause damage to your cell membranes and the structure of DNA. Due to its high antioxidant content, some say that drinking pomegranate juice can prevent cancer.

They are very high in fiber:

Pomegranates are naturally high in fiber. Fiber can lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood sugar levels and help with weight loss, as high fiber foods make you feel more full and more satisfied for a longer period of time. Pomegranates are an excellent source of fiber, containing five grams of fiber if you consume the seeds and pulp.  One pomegranate contains only 105 calories, making it a beneficial, low calorie food.

They keep your heart healthy:

Pomegranate fruits and seeds have been used in traditional medicines for years due to their high content of essential vitamins and nutrients which are great for your heart.

Happy weekend everybody


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3 responses to “So Why Pomegranite?

  1. These fruits are beautiful not only to look at but for us to eat……and they play a bit part in myths. This is a great post, I love pomegranites.

  2. They even resemble hearts a little :)

  3. This is good to know as I think pomegranetes are so beautiful and delicious, and I try to add them to all my salads for a nice tangy twist :)

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