1 Year Anniversary of our PACS love in France

One year ago J and I signed a piece of French paper to declare us a couple under French law. We had an afternoon tea and champagne gathering to celebrate. Check out these absolutely gorgeous cakes, what a spread!

When we tie the knot one day it will be even bigger and better. I’m thinking in a garden somewhere in Australia. With lots of flowers. Yes I’m a dreamer.

J sporting his moustache. He is so dapper.

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9 responses to “1 Year Anniversary of our PACS love in France

  1. Wow, it looks like you had some AMAZING treats :3 My mouth is watering now.

  2. I cannot believe it has been a whole year, already! Goodness me! Such a beautiful couple!

  3. yum! you didn’t make all those yourself did you??

  4. yay!! beautiful! congrats my precious girlie xxx

  5. How cute! He had a STACHE????

    … That cake…

  6. Ahhh I remember this! What a spread indeed. Glad to hear you’re thinking about getting married here, although I’d jump on the chance to come to Paris!

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