A Macaron Class in Paris For Two ❤

My J treated me to a macaron class last week and boy was it fun! Who ever know just how complicated macaron’s are to make. Well, we didn’t.

We learnt a lot and just look at that concentration on J’s face.

In other news, look at this interview with me on The Kale Project.

J and I booked tickets for Istanbul for a 3-day getaway in November. I cannot explain my excitement in words. (I can in cartwheels)

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2 responses to “A Macaron Class in Paris For Two ❤

  1. Oh so nom nom! I love the concentration factor – it is also so satisfying when they come out just right, as it looks like yours did :)
    Are you going to take this new skill to the home kitchen?
    Much love xxx

  2. This looks like so much fun! Reminds me of a friend and I attempting to make macarons at home. Not enough air in the mixture so while the flavour was amazing, after baking we had one giant, flat macaron. Still tasted good :)

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