Flower Power

Last weekend Meg and I went to the countryside for a weekend with our loved ones. All of the flowers were in bloom so we had a flower-filled weekend.

For years I have wanted to find a sunflower field to take photos in, and also because sunflowers are in my top three favourite flowers.


Photos by both Oh La La Livia and De Quelle Planète Es-Tu?

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11 responses to “Flower Power

  1. lovely photos!! I love sunflowers too!

  2. Rachel Walters

    This is so beautiful :) Sunflowers are my favorite flower too, and these photos are gorgeous. Such a nice day!

  3. Love love love this! And those sunflowers! I’m glad your dream came true :) Can’t wait for more weekends like this one.

  4. Um, gorgeous! Where were you exactly?


  6. You girls look glorious! As does the sunflower field. Summer delight :)

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