The power of Ganesha

I’m quite a Ganesha fan. Actually, I am a huge fan. He is just so classy. As I wrote in this post, Ganesha is the remover of obstacles.

I got this hand made Ganesha keyring in Pondicherry. I can now carry him around with me everywhere.

The Ganesha statue comes from India too, J bought it for me and we lugged it home because I knew he needed a home with us in Paris.


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3 responses to “The power of Ganesha

  1. yes, you have a lovely ganesh oh-la-la. he must have been some weight in your back-pack. lovely rudraksha beads too

  2. I love Ganesha also, and you have been very fortunate to find some lovely examples him. No doubt you will never loose your keys now!!

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